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The Nyonga Womens Shelter

Psychosocial support

Psychosocial support is the process of facilitating and strengthening resilience within women, families and communities to recover from critical scenarios with potentially damaging long-term impacts. Our psychosocial support promotes the restoration of social cohesion between men, women and families in Uganda.

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Self Care Classes

We engage survivors in activities that support them to rebuild their sense of control and self-worth. These sessions include yoga, breathing exercises, dance classes, drawing and painting for children.


We support survivors with a re-insertion package when we find a suitable location for them to live. This facilitates re-integration and rehabilitation within society for vulnerable women and girls. 

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We offer both physical and phone counseling sessions to both resident and non-resident survivors. A team of social workers and caretakers commit to organizing routine actions that help survivors cope with life after their traumatic experiences.


We conduct mediation meetings that sometimes happen at the shelter, community or police to reconcile families and communities. The aim is to foster and encourage peace and harmony within households.

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