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Who We Are

The Nyonga Shelter Program

The Human Rights and Gender-Based Violence Program is one of WORI's core programs. In Uganda, human rights violations specifically target the most vulnerable groups which are women, children and sexual minorities. The legal system has difficulty enforcing the law and protecting the people who most need protection due to a lack of resources. Cultural beliefs also legitimize and reinforce violence against the most vulnerable group of people.

Our journey to building our shelter:

Doing awareness campaigns about the prevention of GBV and protection for survivors aimed to strategically change mentalities and to offer women the voice and agency to challenge violence however, violence still happens.


Consequently, victims need protection and the best way to protect them is to have a shelter where they can seek refuge. By establishing the first women's shelter of the region, and the biggest one in Uganda, WORI will is able to offer a better long-term solution for women who are victims of abuse and violence

Human Rights & Gender Based Violence

This encompasses our Nyonga Womens Shelter with the main focus of: Gender Equality, Education, Health and Economic Empowerment

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