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The Nyonga Womens Shelter

Nyonga Skilling Intitiative

We provide skilling that aims to support livelihoods to build economic resilience and independence for survivors. We have a range of skill sessions that survivors can choose from. The training is basic but efficient as survivors don’t stay for long. We provide start-up kits for those that meet the criteria as well as baskets or cash transfers to non-resident survivors helping them sustain dignified means of living.



We have regular bakery sessions teaching survivors how to bake several recipes including: cake, breads, doughnuts, cookies, bagiya and daddies (very good for children at school). 


The shelter has many fabrics and patterns used to practice sewing clothes for children or the survivors them selves. We use yarn and cut offs from pad production to make door mats and other useful products.

survivors preparing a nursery bed at the shelter..jpg


We have a skilling department which helps women learn to make: Doormats, table mats, bags from yarn or off cuts from our Star Durable Pad production aswell as jewelry these women can then sell.


The garden marks the start of our plan to own our own farm. The aim of this garden is to supply the shelter with a sustainable food source which has the potential to become a source of income in the future aswell. We farm several things including: collard greens, dodo, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, corriander and peppers.

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