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Donating To WORI

In Uganda specifically donations are less common as lot of people are already experiencing economic difficulty. The concept of the shelter itself is still very new so people do not understand its functions and benefits fully. Some people have the feeling that we are 'spoiling' women because we want to offer them a space to escape violent situations that are often considered as a normal part of a woman's life in certain tribal commuties.

Thank you for donating

Importance of your donation

Our fundraising ethos is extremely important and this is even more pertinent for the Nyonga Women's Shelter project. WORI spends 78% of its money on community development initiatives. The funds we receive are planned carefully and spent according to the projects we believe will result in sustainable change in the villages and communities we serve. All our staff are based in our Jinja office, in Uganda and receive a wage average to the local area. WORI is committed to low cost, effective and sustainable projects. 

Ways to Donate

  • By a monthly contribution to support a victim through our patreon page.

  • By a physical donation, you can donate things you may have in surplus that are basic necessities for women and children who have left their belongings behind.

For Your Piece of Mind

  • You decide where you want your money to go: Fundraising for furniture, supporting a specific victim, funding for a specific initiative

  • We would like to name the shelter’s bedrooms with the name of the people who support us. We consider that it is important to show the victims that they are not alone in their situation and that people care about their life. So, if you would like to, we would be glad to name a bedroom that you supported with your name! You can also add a supportive message, an empowering quotation

  • If you want to make a furniture donation please contact us directly so we will see how we can do it efficiently with regards to import costs.

Call Us

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Patreon Donation

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